Parkview Playgroup is on Hiltingbury recreation ground
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During their time at Playgroup, the children will learn:
  • to make friends
  • to relate to adults and other children
  • to feel secure in a new environment
  • to develop good manners
  • to be independent
  • to share and take turns
  • to respect others
  • to concentrate and to listen
  • to be able to express their opinions
  • to build their confidence
  • spatial awareness
  • free expression
  • to use their imagination
  • new language
  • to recognise shapes and colours
  • fine and large muscle control
Parkview Playgroup on Hiltingbury Recreation Ground
Playing on the recreation ground
Mini Picasso conference at Parkview Playgroup
Mini Picasso conference

We have a large open plan room and a secure outside play area on the ground floor of 'The Hilt' on Hiltingbury Recreation Ground.

We have cloakroom and toilet facilities which are easily accessible for the children, and an adults-only kitchen.

A mid-morning snack of toast and fruit is provided along with a drink of milk or water.

We also make use of the adjacent recreation ground, nature reserve and the local area for nature walks and outdoor play.

We strongly believe that children gain so much from learning through play; soaking up information whilst laughing and having fun.

Each family is allocated a Key person to help settle you into playgroup and they collect photos, pieces of work and observations to compile your child’s learning journey. This is shared regularly and presented to the child when they leave.

We build close relationships with the children and their families and plan topics according to their interests or special events in their lives.

Although aprons are provided for messy play, please ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothes!
Mud pies at Parkview Playgroup
Mud pies!

Please also ensure your child has suitable clothing and footwear for outdoor play ie. coat, hat, gloves, wellies (with indoor shoes to change into) or sunhat and suncream. If your child requires suncream for such outdoor play, please apply it prior to leaving your child at Playgroup.

We ask that each child brings in a full change of clothes, to be left on their coat peg, should they get wet or dirty during a session.

Building a den, Parkview Playgroup
Building a den
Home corner cafe, Parkview Playgroup
Home corner cafe
Driving our car, Parkview Playgroup
Driving our car
Snack time, Parkview Playgroup
Snack time


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